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Webinars & workshops devoted to essential writing topics, tools, publishing & craft.


...whether or not you've written the book. From your proposal, agents and publishers evaluate your concept, platform and writing. Self-publishing? A memoir proposal is your marketing map.

In three days of live-on-Zoom, classes with templates, worksheets & lots of help, you'll fully plan and write most or all of your memoir proposal.


Share your CONCEPT, WHO needs your book, and WHY you're the best person to write it.


Specific demographics who NEED your book—& how you already reach them.


Who you want to be shelved next to & how to start meeting those authors NOW.


How to ASK authors & experts to endorse your book & get them closer to YES.


It's not (just) social media. Determine YOUR unique platform & how to build it.


Show why this book could only be written by YOU—and that you're plenty qualified!


Use Allison's best trick to EASILY write an enticing synopsis.


Build platform, reputation & your publishing record while finding your READERS.

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Start your journey to publication.

Learn proposal style & format. Actually write 60-80% of a proposal for the book you’ve written (or want to write!). Finish with a template for the rest.


Add-ons available for personal editorial feedback.

Prepare for Launch!

For traditional or self-publishing, your proposal becomes your marketing plan.
Still writing? A proposal maps your path to the end of the book.
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Is Proposal Bootcamp Right for Me?

Discover what makes your book WORK.

Literary or commercial, traditional publishing or independent
—write better with a DESTINATION in mind.
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Bootcamp Schedule

Gather information

Download the PDF workbook with guidelines and forms, when you register.

  • Orient yourself with the Memoir Proposal Template
  • Brainstorm specific elements of your EXISTING platform (you’ll be surprised how much you already have!)
  • Starting listing potential comp titles
  • List potential blurbers—with information on who to consider
  • Rough audience demographics (no sociology required!)

Proposals 101 – 12-2PM EASTERN TIME

  • Learn WHY & HOW your proposal will be used by agents, editors & publishers
  • Discover what to showcase about yourself & your book—is your key concept marketable?
  • Synopsis check-in, with live-editing to see what’s working in others’ pages—and apply it to your own
  • Write/revise About the Author
  • Write/revise Chapter Summaries & Synopsis

All About Audience – 12-3:30PM EASTERN TIME

  • Explore your demographics Discover your true platform–and how to connect with your audience NOW
  • Write/revise Audience & Platform
  • Half-hour break for lunch
  • Learn whether essays, OpEds or other publications will support your book
  • Write/revise Marketing & Promotion

The Power of Connection – 12-3:30PM EASTERN TIME

  • Learn what makes great comp titles, how to find them & how to present them within your proposal
  • Discover the magic of comp AUTHORS—and how to get close to the people you want to be shelved next to
  • Write/revise Blurbs & Endorsements
  • Half-hour lunch break
  • Write/Revise Overview (it will be so much easier now that you know what to show off!)
  • First pages check-in: will your sample chapters suck in the agents & readers you want?
  • Live-editing throughout to see what’s working in others’ pages—and apply it to your own

The Finish Line

You may finish your whole proposal in our time together! But our actual goal is 60-80%. 

You’ll end Bootcamp with:

  • strong start on every element of your proposal
  • Some elements ready for revision/polishing
  • Some elements done and ready to go!
  • A clear plan for moving forward and finishing your proposal by your chosen deadline

Need more help?

A limited number of add-on services will be available.
  • Line editing of Synopsis or Overview (2 rounds) – $125
Options will be available at registration.
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Allison K Williams


Allison K Williams brings deep understanding of dramatic structure, sensitivity to voice and theme, technical expertise, and contagious enthusiasm for your work. She is the author of Seven Drafts: Self-Edit Like a Pro From Blank Page to Book and the Social Media Editor of Brevity.

I'm excited about Memoir Proposal Bootcamp.

Why? Because I love seeing writers discover new wisdom within their own work and share it with readers who need their words. I love that you'll never have to dance on TikTok—and showing what you can do instead. And I love how the power of group work at a specific time with specific tasks helps us make our best work FAST.

I've edited proposals and coached authors to sales with Penguin Random House, Mantle, Knopf, Spencer Hill, university & literary presses and the NYT Bestseller List; guided successful self-publishing; and I always over-deliver (#FirehoseMe). This time I'm telling you when you sign up: Memoir Proposal Bootcamp delivers everything I can give an author ready to work intensely to make big progress in compressed time.

Proposals are intimidating and lots of work. But with the right knowledge, information, and guidance from a seasoned publishing professional, you're going to finish yours.

Your Answers

What is Proposal Bootcamp?
Proposal Bootcamp is a focused, supported weekend with a publishing professional to plan, structure and write (most of!) your book proposal.
  • With guided advance preparation, you’ll have the information your proposal needs.
  • Three days of live-on-Zoom classes take you step-by-step through writing an agent-grabbing, publisher-friendly proposal. Classes include teaching time, live-editing time & focused writing time.
  • You’ll discover your true audience and unique platform, so instead of shouting into the void of social media, you’ll be talking to your real readers.
  • You’ll take home a specific plan to finish and polish the remainder of your proposal. Optional support groups will work together to get it done–fast!
What's the time commitment?

Plan to spend 2-5 hours in advance preparation. This will be a mix of thinking time, reading time, live research & internet research. You can download your workbook & get started right after registration.

Live classes run Friday 12-2PM, Saturday & Sunday 12-3:30PM, April 12-14. All times are USA EASTERN. Saturday and Sunday include a half-hour break for lunch.

Each class day, you will almost certainly want to spend another 1-2 hours on proposal revision & additional research.

After Memoir Proposal Bootcamp, you’ll need additional time for revising, polishing & working on your sample chapters. This will vary based on whether you started with a draft proposal, finished or partial manuscript, both, or neither.

Do I need a finished book?
Nope! You don’t even need a started book. Proposal Bootcamp is a great opportunity to think through the marketability of your idea, too.

If your book is in-progress, Proposal Bootcamp can influence your next draft towards a sellable final manuscript.

If your book is finished, we’ll help you avoid the dreaded “not enough platform” or “I don’t see a market” rejections–and give straight-up feedback on the market prospects for your work.
I'm self-publishing or working with a small press. Why would I need a proposal?

Self-publishing, small press & hybrid authors must identify your true audience & how to reach them. Your proposal will guide your manuscript revisions to reach that audience. The demographic data, comps, blurb lists & supporting publication ideas serve as a blueprint for your marketing plans. 

I already have a draft of my proposal. How will Proposal Bootcamp help?

You’ve got a head start! We’ll make sure your time is well-spent, with tools & insights to revise & polish a proposal that will sell your book.

How do the live-on-Zoom classes work? What tech will I need?
Each day includes teaching time, focused writing time & live-editing time. You’ll learn about a proposal element, see it in action & immediately apply the tools to your own work.

Zoom sessions can be accessed through any web browser, or you can dial in on your phone.

Pages for live-editing should be submitted as Microsoft Word doc or docx, so that Allison can use Track Changes to show suggested revisions.

ALL CLASSES WILL BE RECORDED. You’ll be able to access the replays for 60 days, starting about 1 hour after each class finishes. Can’t make it live? You can still watch & ask questions on the recorded videos for 60 days.
Will I get personal feedback?
You can volunteer to share pages for live-editing, when Allison shares her screen while showing line edits & editorial feedback. Live-edited pages are returned with the edits shown in Track Changes. There won’t be time for everyone who volunteers, but as she live-edits, Allison will identify revisions everyone can make in their own pages.

Short, structured breakout room time will allow you to share elements of your proposal with other writers. For guaranteed feedback you can add on line-editing of your overview and/or synopsis after the bootcamp. Pricing & details are available when you register.
I'm a member of a historically marginalized community. Will I feel comfortable?
Memoir Proposal Bootcamp is an actively anti-racist space. Allison is happy to identify microaggressions & inadvertent/ignorant missteps–& how to fix them–so that writers who want to do better can enthusiastically do so.

Allison is aware of resources & audiences for many minoritized communities & will actively connect you to anything she can.
What about accessibility?
Live-on-Zoom classes include closed captions; the video recordings will include captions & transcripts.

If you use a screen reader, let us know & we’ll send the workbook in text-only format. Slides include pictures that will be described. Allison reads all slide text aloud.

Being on camera/mic is optional.

Need other accommodations to get the full Bootcamp experience? Let us know! We’d love to deliver what you need.
I can't make it that weekend. Will you offer this Bootcamp again?

Maybe in 2025, depending on Allison’s overall schedule. But if you can’t make it live, you can still watch & ask questions on the recorded videos for 60 days.

How do I pay? What's the refund policy?
Payments can be made by PayPal/credit card, Venmo, Zelle, direct deposit, Canadian Interac/eTransfer, or wire transfer.

Payment in full is due at time of registration.

We aren’t able to offer refunds on Bootcamps. But life happens! If you can’t make it live, you’ll still be able to watch & ask questions on the recorded lessons for 60 days, or you can transfer your registration to a writer friend.

What if I have more questions?

Email Allison@RebirthYourBook.com–we’re happy to help!

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Selling your book starts NOW.

A clear plan for message, audience & marketing will guide you to a finished manuscript, the publishing plan you want & the readers who need your words.